a little about who we are

the many interests that we have

We are a small group that is interested in the many different aspects of computer programming. We believe that
software should be affordable to everyone. And as you can tell from the many different projects that we are currently
working on, we have an vast array of software interests. We try to produce products that not only can be useful in a person's
life, but can also make their lives a lot easier in the end.

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About Our Software

Most of our software is free to download and free to use. This does not mean that our software is "Open Source Software". We retail the rights to all of the source code in our products. Our products cannot be redistributed or resold to anyone else. Its use is solely for the use of the person who downloaded it from our site.

Although most of our software is free to download, there are occasions when we will update or upgrade one of our free software. We may charge a small fee for the updated or upgraded version, but the free version will continue to stay free.

If you don't find anything on the site that interests you, just remember that we are constantly adding new things all the time. So, check back often to see what new things we have added.